Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

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    Couples therapy is a vehicle for solving problems and conflicts that two people in a relationship have not been able to resolve on their own.  The goal is to help them develop a better understanding of themselves and their partner, to decide if they need and want to make changes, and if so, help them make these changes. 

    People seek couples therapy for a wide range of problems and every couple is different and have varied needs.  Some of the most common complaints include lack of communication, frequent or constant arguments, unfilled emotional or sexual needs, and financial concerns. 

    Regardless of whether the couple is a traditional married couple, a gay or lesbian couple, a cohabitating couple, or a couple that is simply dating, the dynamics are essentially the same.  Counselors at Texas PCS  do not discriminate against any couples because of their, age, religion, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other cultural difference.



  • What to Expect

    Couples therapy involves both parties sitting down with a trained professional  to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about the relationship.  The counselors at TPCS are well trained professionals, who will listen objectively to both partners as they express their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and help them identify and clarify problematic areas.  Our counselors will typically start with an assessment. 

    During the assessment phase the counselor will ask about the problems and how both persons perceive them.  The history of the relationship, and the histories of the individual partners will be examined. As a result of the assessment, the counselor can better understand the couple and their unique relationship issues.  The couple then can decide if they wish to accept the counselor’s recommendation(s) about whether or not to enter therapy and work on the problems that are causing friction in the relationship.